7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Bike Stolen - Motorcycling
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7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Bike Stolen

7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Bike Stolen

In today’s world keeping one’s assets secure has become a tough job as thieves are becoming smarter by the minute and finding new methods to steal. Among the surveys conducted over the past couple of years, the most common item which was stolen from various places was the Bike. As they are easy to steal and do not require much effort in stealing, thus thieves make it their target. The following are 7 easy ways which you can follow to avoid your bike from being stolen.

1) Locks are essential

No matter if it is your bike, car or even your bicycle it is always vital to have a lock on it to prevent theft. Locks come in various types and are made up of multiple materials so make sure you do your research while buying a lock for your bike. It is perfectly understandable if you spend a little more money on the lock and get one, which is made of the highest quality as it will only help you protect your asset. As per the recent survey, it is better to get good quality locks such as 19mm chains locks which are very sturdy and durable.

2) Place it in sight

Whether you are going to a supermarket for a few seconds or even in the ground to play a game for a while, make sure you place your bike where your eyesight can easily see to avoid theft. In today’s generation, thanks to the concern of many people, supermarkets and public places have specific places where you can lock your bikes and prevent it from being stolen.

3) Lock it onto an unmovable object

Having a high-quality lock and parking it in sight will mean nothing if you don’t lock your bike onto something which cannot be moved or jimmied with easily. Good choices of parking your bike could be like the public cycle parking places or probably anything which is sturdy and cannot be easily manipulated with.

4) Double check the lock and the parking spot

While parking your bike make sure to casually glance around to see that there are no suspicious people around the area and after locking your bike onto something, try to pull the lock of your bike to confirm that it is perfectly locked.

5) Make sure it’s registered

In many countries, the police advise people to register their bikes along with the complete details of the bike to ensure that if it ever gets lost, it can be found easily.

6) Make sure you have a mark on it or have your name embedded on it

The best way to prove that the stolen bike is yours is by making certain marks around the bike. Generally, people tend to scratch their names on the bike using a sharp object, but as a precaution make sure to have various marks in and around the bike as even if the thief tries to get rid of your embedded name, there are still certain marks which can prove that the bike is yours.

7) Never leave it out or in the open at night

This is nothing new as the safest and simplest way of protecting your bike is by making sure it is kept secure at home or in the garage at night, away from the grasp of thieves.

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