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Best beginner motorcycles in 2017

Best beginner motorcycles in 2017

Many new riders are facing the same dilemma: shouldn’t they purchase a bike that suits their level of riding skills? Of course, they should, not only for the matter of precautions but also to improve their abilities and practice before hit some heavier ride.

The most time you need to spend is on finding the bike to start with. Since it’s time-consuming (and the chances you will hit the home run with the first bike you tried are almost none), we prepared the list of best beginner motorcycles you should pick in 2017.

Harley Davidson Street 500

Some people like to buy things that are familiar, and motorcycles are not the exception. Harley Davidson saw the gap in their offer – that’s how Street 500 was born.

Since previous Harley models were too big for beginners, the developers decided to make something that will be useful for those who don’t feel too confident in their riding skills.

The experts think that this particular model lacks some crucial features that will help the beginners to set their pace. For example, instead of a reliable instrument panel, you get the speedometer and indicator lights.

Another thing that could be seen as the downside for this model is the performance. Like most Harleys, Street 500 follows the lineage of bikes that are too low from the ground, which makes it difficult to control on a curvy road.

Upsides of the model include low seat – which is a great advantage for beginners who are afraid of falling off the bike – and the room for improvements and upgrades.

Suzuki SV650 ABS

Seasoned riders would know that SV650 is not new to the market. It’s the improved version of their older model, which brings new features and new comfort to the beginners.

Besides the new engine (which adds a bit power to the ride), Suzuki worked mostly on the design, giving the beginners a lighter seat and the opportunity to change the appearance of their bike.

On the technical side, the bike entails optional ABS and a “Low RPM” that helps with starting the ride after the stop. This one is maybe the most important feature since every new biker faces the same challenge of starting the ride after a break.

Husqvarna FS 450

A great combination of features that provides reliability and power to the new riders. Husqvarna entails strong performance traits (engine power, toughness) combined with street ride features like suspensions and tires.

Although it’s probably one of the best beginner motorcycles, it’s also not easily attainable. The cost of FS 450 is equal to Honda and Suzuki’s model combined, which can be an issue if you’re looking for a more budget-conscious solution.

However, if you’re going to buy FS 450 regardless the price, you won’t be sorry because you’ll get one of the most equipped rides you can.

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