Earth Angel - Motorcycling
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Earth Angel

Just in case you might be wondering why after all these years of being so private, I am now letting it all hang out with this website.

Well after 20 years of having an illegal law enforcement wiretap on my home telephone, 19 years of having an illegal law enforcement wiretap on my business telephone, 5 years of having an illegal wiretap on my internet connection, 3 years of having an illegal law enforcement surveillance camera on the HAMC Nevada Nomads clubhouse in Reno/Sparks, (?) years of having an illegal surveillance camera in my home, I thought I would save all the taxpaying public some money by letting everyone see what’s happening in Dave’s World for free.

So enjoy your visit, I know the cops are enjoying theirs’.

(And how do I know all this? Well about 21 years ago as the cops were leaving my apartment empty-handed after serving me with one of the first “secret witness” search warrants in the state of Nevada and then spending 8 or so hours searching every square inch of my home, that cop and about 10 of his buddies said,

“Mr. Burgess, this place is “too clean.” We know you have someone on the inside…”

…And by the way, “what the f#ck does “TOO CLEAN” mean?

Now onward through the fog…

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