Women and bikes: a matter of fearlessness or trend? - Motorcycling
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Women and bikes: a matter of fearlessness or trend?

Women and bikes: a matter of fearlessness or trend?

How often do you see a girl on the bike? In case you don’t, you should know that there are a significant group of female bikers cruising around the States. It seems like the macho etiquette that followed motorcycling has been removed thanks to the girls.

What’s about the girls and the bikes that make such a perfect connection between the two? In this article, we’ll try to break down some of the major reasons why women choose motorcycles as their passion.


Riding a bicycle is amusing for girls who like to set a slower pace but for those who are lacking the experience of the unknown a bike ride usually doesn’t cover the need for excitement. That’s why some girls take a motorcycle as their vehicle of passion.

female bikers

A motorcycle often refers to the danger or even violent activity, reserved for men because of their calm during the high-risk situations. However, some girls have proven that calmness is not a virtue that only people can possess. Even though the excitement is a crucial element of the motorcycling, a girl knows how to keep calm in those intense and risky moments of a ride.


Some girls need more experience than the others, such ordinary activities like walking, fitness, yoga, or even cooking aren’t enough. They seek that adrenalin-through-the-roof experience which is in alignment with their inner emotion and energy level.

It’s not right to assume that only the girls who like the high-adrenaline activities are a perfect match for motorcycling. Sometimes a girl can pick a motorcycle to develop fearlessness or to overcome her insecurities. Motorcycling adventure is a smart way to grow your strengths, and those who are taking a bike as their passion understand that well.


Mostly, the choice of riding a motorcycle out of the hobby is a matter of subconscious decision, at least for most women. Even though they can recall the moment when they’ve decided to take their first ride or even to buy their first bike, one thing is clear – they searched a unique way to express themselves.

There are usually two directions which a girl chooses for herself. She already had a role-model in her environment (father, a brother, a friend) who loved bikes, so she “inherited” the passion from someone close to her. Or, she didn’t have a role-model in her environment, but she developed a kind of image in her mind with which she related to. In both cases, the decision is usually followed by a change in attitude or habit or something significant that made an impact on the woman’s life.

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