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There are many different kinds of bicycles in the world. But, with the overwhelming amount of bikes in the world. It becomes quite difficult to find the right bicycle for you. We have listed out some of the best styles and features of the bike which will allow you to find the style.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are some of the most recognisable bicycles which is best for driving on loose dirt and other obstacles. These bikes have a rugged frame, and as the name suggests, it is made for the bikers to bring the right suspension. It is one of the best when it comes to navigating around the rocky mountains. This is one bike which operated fine on almost any streets and is also suitable for aggressive use. If you are looking for the best mountain bikes, we highly recommend you look into the best Toronto bike shop.

Comfort Bike

Comfort Bike, also known as the hybrid bike shares some features which can be easily distinguished by the wheel size. The hybrids have a larger road bike-sized wheel with thinner complexion. This is a bike which is loaded with comfortable features and can work on smooth dirt, paved trails. This is a bike which needs to be ridden in an upright position to ensure comfort.

Road bikes

These bikes are one of the most recognisable due to their skinny tires and upside down handles. These are the bikes which can allow you to rule the roads which can allow one to have the right efficiency and speed. The larger and thinner tires allows you to glide along any road can get a little comfortable. There are multiple handlebars which is best when it comes to grip. A road bike is one of the best choices when it comes to riding on pavement and for covering longer distances.

Triathlon bikes

Also known as the time trail bike is made for specialised roads. They are machines which have a forward bull shaped handles. The Aero bars are fitted to ensure that the rider is in an aerodynamic position. The shifters on these bikes are located to allow the end of the aero bars. The bike is made in a way which will allow them to stay in perfect shape and designed to work on aerodynamics.

BMX Bike

BMX stands for Bicycle Motor Cross which is made for single speed bikes which can be raced around shorted distances. The term BMX is used to get the right single speed bike with a 20 wheel. These bikes are very robust and have a very durable body. They have some of the best selection for the people who enjoy doing tricks and jump with their bikes. BMX is also called the Trick bike as it is easier to perform tricks on the bike for a better bounce result.

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