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George Straight: A Legacy of Country History

George Straight: A Legacy of Country History

George Straight is one of the most famous American country music singers. He is often called “King of country” because he has the most number one albums in the history of country music. He is praised for developing a unique music style by mixing honky-tonk and western swing with the traditional country music. In addition to being successful singer he was also a guitarist, music producer and actor.

George Straight was born in Poteet, Texas in 1952. He was raised in Pearsall, Texas, where his father, who was a maths teacher, had a ranch. He spent his childhood in nature, riding horses with his siblings and learning about Texas traditions. His Amarillo song is probably one of the most famous country hits in history.

George Straight history began when he was in high school and when he started a rock and roll garage band. He was attending live concerts of country music in Texas and soon his music preference changed.

George Straight joined the US Army in 1971. He started performing in an army country music band called “Rambling Country” also known as “Santee”. When he left army, he enrolled at Southwest Texas State University, where he obtained a degree in Agriculture. During his university days, George Straight started performing as a vocalist of country band “Stoney Ridge”. He was quickly promoted to the band leader and he decided to change the name of the band to “Ace in the Hole”. His band performed all across Texas and it soon gained many fans. That is when George Straight finally got the opportunity to start recording songs written by himself.

The first single in George Straight history was “Unwound”, released in 1981 with MCA Records. The song reached number six on Hot Country Songs chart. The single appeared on his debut album “Strait Country” (1982) which gained him enormous popularity and fame.

In the next ten years, he recorded more than ten albums and he sold more than a million copies of each. Moreover, he released 17 singles that became number one hits. Some of the most famous are: “Strait from the Heart” (1982), “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” (1984), “Ocean Front Property” (1987).

In 1990 he released his tenth album called “Livin’ It Up” that had two number one hits. His next albums were “Chill of an Early Fall” (1991) and “Holding My Own” (1992).

When it comes to his career as an actor, the first movie where George Straight appeared was “Pure Country”, a musical western released in 1992, in which he played the role of a country music star.

In decade that followed he released many successful albums, such as “Easy Come, Easy Go” (1993), “Strait Out of the Box” (1995), “One Step At a Time” (1998).

George Straight celebrated celebrated 30 years of a successful career in 2006. In 2008 he received the Grammy Award for Best Country Album for his album “Troubadour”. In 2018 he was named Texan of the Year!

He is happily married to Norma, and they have been together for almost 50 years. Although he is still enormously popular, he likes to keep his private life away from media and he likes to spend time with his family.

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